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Miatas in Boone (MIB)

Date: Wednesday September 20 - 24
Location: Boone NC
"MIB is purely about bringing driving enthusiasts together; the good times are yours to have as you see fit...MIB aims to make a distinctive mark in the Miata community by bringing together folks that love to drive with the twisty mountain roads of Boone, North Carolina and surrounding areas."

From their FB page, Miatas in Boone 2017: If you're staying in Boone, we've got special deals with the Super 8 and Highland Hills, both on 105. Call and mention the event "Miatas in Boone". Rates should be discounted, although HH doesn't seem to have a rate calendar for September yet, they can book you a room and tell you what it'll cost later.

Highland Hills, 2748 Hwy 105 South, Boone NC 28607. 828-264-2277 or 800-948-5276. The event planners say days are spent driving the great roads, but evenings see parking lot gatherings at Highland Hills.
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