Photo Gallery

Bobbi Ross in festive attire

Pensive pose

Presents under the tree

We're a social group

Bob taking pictures

Our president Kirk Hodulik

It must be football

Dinner time!

The big kid's table

The little kid's table

Collecting ideas for drives and outings for next year

Any more ideas?

Group photo sans Kirk

Group photo with Kirk

Kirk gets things off to a good start

Goodies from Mazda

Tom's look says it all

"Ah..Ha.....A White Elephant"

Bob picks a great box

Bob looses a great box

Bob chooses another box

Oh Ho Ho....This may be a BETTER box

Oh yes....I think it is a better box

Well.....a Miata Key Chain

I lost a box and gained a dog

A Rudolph hat aaaand a scented candle

What ever it is....I'm Happy

Come on.....are these really magic beans?

Hey, it's a "Thing-a-ma-jig"

Chia Obama

I just love Dr. Zues......don't you?