Photo Gallery

Miatas as far as the eye can see...

How many Miata per mile?

On an on and on...

The line starts at the base of the dam

Just a snack

2006 MX-5 (Miata)

2006 MX-5

2006 MX-5

2006 MX-5

2006 MX-5

2006 MX-5

Tapaco Lodge

Tapaco Lodge

Front and Center!

Arrived at the Crossroads of time

Mod's aplenty - Hoods up, it's bragging time

Parking is at a premium as the crowd rolls in

Mike tries to get a photo record of eveyone there

Ken is all smiles as he reviews the field of miata's

The NC in "Winning Blue"

Well done!!

Roomy interior is well appointed this a Miata? - Is that a battery I see?

Ehaust is on the wrong side! Wow is this tight or what?

This is what we came for....Great drives

Parting is such sweet sorrow