Photo Gallery

Group prepares to leave from Bob Evans

Making fast progress to the Dragon

Progress on the Dragon is stopped!

We should have topped off our tanks to lighten the load...

He broke the tow truck cable!

On the go again

Precision driving at 90MPH!

Crossroads of Time

Tree of Shame

Saturdays trek to the Skyway

Heading up!

Great views

Foggy at the top

We made it to the top

Lunch at the Bistro in Tellico

Excellent lunch was enjoyed

The scenic group at the Bistro's Grille

Murky weather at times...

Heading to the Dam

Photo of the truck before it was pulled back on the road!

The overlook at the dam

Crossing the dam

The dam

The Haas' Summer Home!

Speaks for itself!

John and ???

Almost to 6053 ft!!

Rose and "MoMo"

Ginny and "Edna Mae"

Three waiting drivers

Terry & John riding along in their "Shiney" Miata

Taking a rest after a run through the Gap

After an hour's wait, John had to stretch

Terry & John Haas, the sweepers, in hot pursuit