Photo Gallery

Good turnout despite the forecast

Preferred parking for the club

Carl Lindner had to park across the street!

Just another Porsche...

Super Performance GT40

67 Saab Sonnet II - probably the only two stroker in the show!

Saab Two Stroke Oil Burner

Magnificent Morris Mini

I have a garden tractor with bigger wheels

63 Jaguar E-Type - Won 1st place ribbon

A beautiful something...

1960 Corvette - Classic American Iron (I mean Fiberglass)

1961 Daimler (of London) SF-150 Convertible

53 MG TD - John Haas misses his '51


'58 Porsche 1600 Coupe

'61 Triumph

Judging and old Jag looks like fun.

Typically clean engine

Lovely Porche Speedster

1954 Jaguar

'52 Crosly

Crosy Super or Carnival Ride - You make the call!

1967 Datsun 1600 Roadster - Very Sharp!

A lot like a Miata!

'67 Toyota 2000GT

Toyota Crown? Cressida? Camry?

67 Toyota 2000GT

1959 Toyota Toyopet Crown Custom

1972 Honda - They have come a long way since...

The suspension does not even fit under the car!

Air Cooled Two-Cylinder Engine (from a lawnmower?)

1971 Chevron B19 Can Am

64 Lotus Super Seven

Patriotic 1969 AMC AMX SS

1958 Berkley SE492 Sports

The 492 must refer to CC's, not inches. Such a tiny engine!

70ish Bricklin - One Ugly Nose

The back is not quite as ugly...

Lotus Exige

Lotus Exige

Delorean running wide open

Only the French could build this....

Radio access for the backseat! The French thought of everything!

1977 Lotus Esprit

1954 Hudson Italia


1952 Cunningham - One of my favorites!

Classy Interior

1958 Alfa Romeo Giadetto Sprint Veloce

66 Ferrari 275GTB 12 Cylinder

Alfa something...

Beautiful Lines... Something Super America

Love the tailpipes

62 Alfa Romero Spyder - Miata Inspiration!

1954 Fiat

OSCA mt4

Ferrari Superleggera

1931 Alfa Romeo

1939 Fiat 508C - Balilla 1000

What a lovely behind...

Two spare tyres!

Isotta Fraschini - Milano

1928 Isotta Fraschini

1961? Alfa Romeo

Beautiful V12...

1966 Ferrari Dino

Another Ferrari Race Car

1939 Maserati - Boyle Special - Won '39 and '40 Indy 500

The Flinstone Footbrake option

1957 Alfa Romeo

Another Ferrari

Terrific venue for a car show

1931 Model A Roadster

1923 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

1933 Willys Model 77 Coupe

1923 Packard

1911 Marmon Speedster

1933 Buick

Rumble Seat Row

1927 Studebaker


1926 Stutz

Stutz Hood Ornament

Talbo Lago

60's Cadillac Eldorado

Minibar in the Glovebox!