Photo Gallery

Instructors taking us out to learn the track

Joe O'Gorman 1st lap - turn 1

Mike Currens getting tips in an 06 -

Mike and Joe

Spec Miata & Clubhouse under construction

Tim Ross - New turbo!

Mike turning hot laps

Mazda lets us drive the Speed 6's - a revised plan!

Jon Roberto convinces Mazda to let him drive an RX-8

3 generations of traffic on the track

Sunday's rain was not a deterrerant

another spec Miata

Joe gets help from an instructor

Nice Sunburst

Look at the NC body roll

Helmet: $150, Gas: 5.50, admission:$40, Hot rain laps in someone elses' MX-5: Priceless!

Member's car

Poverty sucks - part 1 (for the record he also owns a Miata!)

Poverty sucks, part 2

Member's cars

Members running on the North Crcuit

More members

Thanks Mazda - let's do it again next year

80 minutes on the track and not 1 picture of Jon Roberto in his car - Sorry Jon - You'll have to imagine this is you! Don't let Tom off the hook!

Tim Hugging Curves

Tim's '90 closing fast on a MSM

Tim still reeling in that MSM

Autocross almost any Mazda, just jump in.

They race the new VW Beatle?

Wow! I've only seen it in video games...

Some more '06 body roll.

Jon in the RX-8

Does Jon ever drive his own car?

The only time Jon was seen in his car...

Nice view, Tim!

So we can autocross whenever we want????

Hi Tim! Is that a new Parrot on your car?

Bobbi was piloting the Miata Support Vehicle

Gary is heading to the clubhouse. See the auto-x tent?

The loaners and the grid to get on the track.

The helmet tent and the loaners again.

Oh yeah...I even autcrossed the new CX-7

One of the member's 430 Modena. What a sound!

This is my new Desktop Background.

Red crinkle finish - YUM!

Rotary power at it's best!

Hay....Mike....looking good!

'32 Highboy. Must have been a member's car.

You gotta love that red grill.

Cobra SVT. No replacement for displacement!

I finally got the new CX-7 to open up to me.

Ferrari owner's EVO Orange with a Noble M12

Mmmmmmmmmm......Nobel. 6 cyl twin turbo!

Ferrari Modena 360. Great blue!