Photo Gallery

Arnold's mini MIata's...Suzanne is calling her bookie

Rose w/Vic & Karen with friends from Canada at Churchill Downs

Nelsons & Arnolds & Thoroughbred horse backside

Thoroughbred Horse with tongue and teeth. He bites!

The return from Maker's Mark tour.

More return from Maker's Mark tour

Three rows deep, 70-100 Miata's from 12 states...Nice turnout

This one was wet looking! Zaino or not Zaino?

Long ride in a beautiful MIata. Spotless!

This was my favorite. Ooops it's mine. TA

Suzanne does exist-lovely lady Tom!!

At the Downs!

some of the 100 in Attendance at the Downs

Dick,Kirk Shirley(barely!)Tim and Bobbi

More folks at the Downs

Shine 'em up!!

More to be judged

and yet more!!!

Tried to get them all in one picture

Lunch is served

Tailgating diner


The (rear) End

This is the horse on display

Oh yeah...that's the spot!

Ginny, Lori, Melissa, Rose, Bob Nix, Sarah & Chris

Jerry Jaspers hungry for food.

Peter Max original - that must be worth some $$$

Go, Gin, Go!