Event Information

Walking Rallye

Date: Sunday March 4
Time: 2:00
Location: Start: High Street Cafe, 250 High Street, Hamilton; End: Plaza One Grill, 1 Riverfront Plaza, Hamilton
If you wish, meet for brunch at 12:30 at High Street Cafe, 250 High Street, Hamilton.

At 2:00 the competition begins. You will have two hours to answer 19 questions based on 19 pictures. Each team will have one "driver" and one "navigator". No cars will be used!

At 4:00 the competition ends at the Courtyard by Marriott at 1 Riverfront Plaza. Answer sheets will be scored, prizes awarded. Stay around (or not) for supper at the Plaza One Grill.
Contact: Bobbi Ross
Phone: 513-528-3232
Total Registered:12