About the Club

We encourage you to join the Greater Cincinnati Miata Club for many reasons. Not only is it a great way to meet new friends but it also allows you to meet others with the same passion that you have for your Miata. We try to plan some interesting events throughout the year. Whether it is a scenic drive, rally, or autocross, I am sure we will have an event just right for you.

We are always looking for active members to take more of an official role in the club, so if you have some free time and would like to volunteer for a position, please let us know.

There is an lot of information out there about the Miata. Our club tries to gather as much of this information and get it to you so that you can enjoy your Miata that much more. If you haven't had a chance to drive in a caravan of 12 or so Miatas, join us for a drive. The feeling is great!

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Greater Cincinnati Miata Club
In care of John Haas
2300 Paragon Mill Drive
Burlington, KY 41005

The Volunteer Staff of the GCMC


Bobbi Ross
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Vice President

Tom Hemsath
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Tim Ross
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Bob Askin
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Directors of Communication

Bob & Wendy Askin
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Membership Director

John Haas
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Directors at Large

Tom Draper
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Buddy Smith
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Rally Chairperson

Tim Ross
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Ken Bogart
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Greater Cincinnati Miata Club Bylaws