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September 2018
Thursday September 20 - 23 Hot Lava 2017 + 1
Mt. Hood Miata Club invites you to join them for a touring weekend with route options including Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood and other Columbia Gorge attractions.
Saturday September 22 Indiana Sportscar Drive 2 (New and Improved)
In response to thousands of requests to repeat last year's drive, we'll do it again, but this time the drive will be improved by adding new roads as good or better than before to the original route.
October 2018
Sunday October 7 Double Pumpkin Drive
Drive 50 miles on Sunday afternoon. Might see fall colors, soybeans, corn and the Germantown Dam. Elk creek Rd has nice curves. Pumpkin cannon at Tom's maze. Corn cob chucking and apple slinging at Barn n Bunk. Anyone interested in exploring the Corn maze? Dinner at T Byrds Trenton.
Thursday October 11 - 14 Texas Miata Roundup 2018
Lone Star Miata Club of Dallas/Fort Worth is hosting the 2018 Texas Miata Roundup in Granbury.
Saturday October 13 Super Pretzel Drive -- Probably the last drive of 2018
Our first Pretzel Drive was a great success, with many suggestions to repeat the drive. So we have enlarged the drive by 40%, but kept the great scenery and the constant curves as before. Only one traffic light as before, and virtually no traffic.
Saturday October 27 Ohio Valley Austin Healey Club Driver's Training / Gymkhana 2018
"Fun & Family Oriented Gymkhana"
December 2018
Saturday December 1 Christmas Party
Christmas Party - covered-dish supper - Santa will bring the ham and beverages - White Elephant gifts
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