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NOT A GCMC EVENT, but OVAHC Gymkhana/Driver's Training

Date: Saturday July 17
Time: 9:00
Location: Serenity Baptist Church, 900 Cox Road, West Chester, OH
The Austin Healey Club of America now must charge to cover the insurance for driving events like this on a per occurred event basis. So our event economics have changed. We are going to charge $30 per driver. It will require a minimum of 9 paid drivers for the event to go forward to cover the $250 charge. If less than 9 drivers, all must agree to the proportional amount to cover the $250. Any amount over the $250 will be divided between the club and the church as a donation. Go no go will be decided at 10AM.

New insurance rules require that we adhere to the SCCA safety rules:
Here is the short version/pared down from the AHCA 12 pages/pared down from the 300 page SCCA rule book………
Helmets must have a rating that is specified 2005 or newer for 2021 and 2010 or newer for 2022.
Seat belts are mandatory. For open cars, shoulder belts must be factory installed; if not you must have a roll bar.
Passengers must be at least 12 years old and at least 57” tall.
Drivers must have a drivers license..
No drugs or alcohol
All must sign the waiver forms.
The rest is common sense but is written down and can be viewed if you desire….
- Rain or Shine
Time: The main gate opens before 9:00 AM. First 20 cars - up to 25 drivers. The maximum or cut off is 10:00 AM. Runs start as soon as possible. Clean up about 3:30. The more help picking up cones and cleaning the earlier we leave.
Cost: $30.00 per Driver - Max - 25 drivers - spectators free!
All drivers are required to work the course when not driving. Bring chairs and a cooler - No alcohol.
Required Equipment: A safe/functioning car (we will inspect it) any make or model, Helmets are required for drivers and passengers.
Goal: "Fun & Family Oriented Gymkhana" Meaning - street legal tires driven to the event; No trailered cars unless they are vintage.
This event is designed to be a safe, fun way to enjoy your automobile. No dangerous driving or recklessness will be tolerated. We operate near a residential section, the exhaust system must be street legal for noise. Regardless; we reserve the right to determine if it is toooo loud. We want to come back next year..... Remember - you are competing against yourself, not others - come out and have some fun with your car!
Questions call the Committee:
Jake Jacobs (beancounter) 513-509-6038; Don Klein (Track Master) 513-785-8484; Skip Jackson (Equipment Master) 513-720-7547;Jeff Porada/Nancy Bacon (Track Set UP & Timing Master) 513-315-8958 or E-mail me if you want to be on our update list.
[email protected] or check our web site: www.OhioValleyAHC.com
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