Photo Gallery

The Union Jack - (Miata's were optional due to weather)

Union Jack - Nice interior

Union Jack - Racing themed decor

Indy members cars

2-indy cars, Junior and Teri's support vehicle

Jon's speed and the Lukeymobile

Museum 1

Museum 2

Museum 3

Museum 4

Museum 5

Lukey at the winners interview table

John and Teri at the winners interview room

And the winners are!!!!!!

winners circle looking west

winners circle looking east (watch out for the gremlins)

The Grand Prix circut (13) turns

Glad we were there, wish you were too!

What a welcome for new members Tim and Marilyn

Wedge 1

Wedge 2

What a cheesy grin

All I need is a helmet!

Wish I had shoes like that

museum 6

Turbine power

The Pagoda

View from the scoring booth