Photo Gallery

Mike and Kimberleigh Szaz

Our Spot

The Queen, Former King, and Jester

Future Concours winner

replica by perfomance motorsports in Ross, OH

the real thing!

Split window! Nice!

Perfect Vette!

they will make one of your car:

Honda S600

'65 Honda S600

Datsun 2 seater

New Viper


'56 T-Bird

Jag! S-Type influence


what great lines!

The car that started it all!

What a great combo!

Love the fins and continental package

One of the best emblems ever.

Lukey has blinged up the big guy

Bob Macke and his always smile

Hmmm! A propeller driven auto..

Joe wearding the new shirt and hat logo's Order now/

Gathering Place

Batter Up

Hey Fella's, I miss my Miata....any for sale?

Tom the Cameraman

Getting ready at Panera's

A good turnout

Vintage all the way

One of Ken's favorites

A Beauty

What is it?

A crowd pleaser

A Lincoln stationwagon?...or a limmo?

Kim and Mike

Rose and Peggy

Sit'n on the corner watching all the cars go by

Adios Johnny Boy

We'll be back

Great day

Our little visitor