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11/7/2015 - Spring Grove Cemetery Tour
10/17/2015 - M&M drive in Southwest Indiana
Architecture of Columbus, fall leaves, and friends around the table.
9/19/2015 - to Jewell's on Main in Warsaw, Indiana
Great roads of northern Kentucky, led by Tom Draper
9/12/2015 - Overnight to Shaker Village
Pleasant Hill, Kentucky is pleasant with friends.
9/5/2015 - Meeting and drive weekend with the Millers
Gary & Cindy Miller hosted a Concours & cook-out meeting at their home on Saturday and then led a drive the next day.
8/22/2015 - to Portsmouth for great BBQ
Sherry Glover had a great time organizing her first drive.
8/15/2015 - The NDs arrive at King's!
Time to greet our newest members of the family.
6/14/2015 - Concours d'Elegance
We get primo parking spots at this annual event at Ault Park.
6/7/2015 - 1st First Sunday Dinner Drive of 2015
Buddy & Sue Smith planned quite an outing.
5/23/2015 - Ohio Valley Towns
Scott Brown and Tom Hemsath led us along the mighty Ohio river to enjoy her smaller towns.
10/27/2014 - Drive to Stearns, KY and Fall Foliage
October 2014 overnight to Stearns, KY. We rode a train, stayed in a quaint motel and hiked to a natural arch.
6/25/2014 - Four Counties Drive in Ohio
A few photos from the drive through Clermont, Warren, Clinton and Hamilton counties.
6/8/2014 - Concours 2014
Photos from the 2014 Concours d'Elegance. This was our 14th year of participation.
12/7/2013 - GCMC holiday party 2013
Some photos of our holiday party 12/7/13 at Canterbury House Apartments club house. Photos by Bob Askin, Ric Allan and others.
9/7/2013 - Elk Creek Winery Drive
5/27/2013 - Miatas and Minis drive WV 2013
Seven Miatas and 3 Mini Coopers got together for a long weekend of driving the backroads of WV. Here are some photos to share.
4/29/2013 - Sharonville Car Show 2013
Photos of the GCMC participants in the 36th annual Sharonville Car Show. They made a special category just for Miatas this year.
12/9/2012 - GCMC Holiday Party 2012
The club holiday party at Full Throttle Indoor Karting - our official club house.
11/11/2012 - Rabbit Hash Imprompto Drive
What an adventure this little imprompto drive turned out to be. The drive instructions are several years old and I swear some of the roads have been changed!
11/1/2012 - Portsmouth Ohio
Haas's and Askin's took a day trip to Portsmouth, OH. These are some of the many murals painted on the floodwall near downtown Portsmouth.
8/12/2012 - 2012 Home Town Rally
Some photos taken during the Home Town Rally at several of the Cincinnati points of interest.
7/27/2012 - Miatas at the Gap XVI
The annual gathering of Miatas from all over the country featuring drives, group photo at the Dam and the most popular Beer Exchange and Wine Tasting!
Some folks took side trips such as the one to Biltmore Estate.
6/9/2012 - Concourse d'Elegance Ault Park
A few photos from the 2012 Concourse car show.
5/18/2012 - GCMC at the Gap
A few pictures capturing the club at Deals Gap in May. The weather was damp going through the Dragon on Friday afternoon but dry roads and perfect weather on Saturday and Sunday made for some great drives. Pictures courtesy of John and Bob.
10/24/2011 - Valley Vineyards Drive
We had a super drive and a great time at dinner!
9/17/2011 - Girl's Drive
Just a couple of pix!
9/4/2011 - Fireworks and Club Meeting
A good time in spite of the rain!
8/20/2011 - Root Beer Stand to Adventure Golf Scenic Drive
7/4/2011 - Cedar Village Car Show
We had a great turn out for a rainy day and the residents sure did appreciate it!
6/4/2011 - Zoomin' in Tn and Bristol
What a great time! Can't wait to go again next year.
7/18/2010 - 2010 British Car Days
5/17/2010 - 2010 Covered Bridges Drive
First formal drive for 2010. We had thirteen cars and twenty one people. Mike Lukey joined the drive and Tom Draper showed up too. It was a nice drive. High clouds but no rain made for good "Top Down" driving weather.
8/1/2009 - Elk Creek Winery Drive
We had a nice day (rain threatened but wouldn't DARE!!!)and 9 cars made the trip to the winery where we enjoyed the food, the scenery, the wine and the company!
6/14/2009 - Concourse d'elegance
5/10/2009 - O'Gorman's Impromptu Drive
Wow, this impromptu drive turned into quite an outing. With ten vehicles it was a splendid drive.
4/18/2009 - Accessories Party - Kings Mazda
12/14/2008 - Christmas Party Pictures
What a fun time! Great food and white elephant gifts! For the sesond year in a row, gifts went home from where they came...we shall not release names to protect the innocent! We do have a pool going on for next years exchange to see if we have a trifecta!
11/27/2008 - Bluegrass Motorsports Update
10/27/2008 - Deal's Gap Trip 2008
The club has not done a fall Gap trip before but this was a good one, other than the rain on Friday. Once we got our cars cleaned up and happy, the scenery was amazing and the roads were fast. We had a great group of people that laughed most of the nights we were together.

The best part of the trip is that Lori and I (Jon Roberto) got engaged on Thursday.
9/28/2008 - MMG 2008
Indianapollis did a wonderful job hosting this years event and the planning has already begun for bringing the event home to Cincinnati after a two year "Hiatus".

8/31/2008 - Fireworks Party
8/31/2008 - AutoX
8/24/2008 - Swiss Wine Festival Drive
Once again our illustrious President put together a fun event with some neat twisties. We tasted a lot of wine, bought a bunch to bring home and tried to stay cool. Teri Haas did her first drive in her new Arrest Me Red Miata!!!! And Ginny Oberle joined us for the first time long?
8/2/2008 - Auto X-Safety First Driver Training
Miatas ruled the land again! Tom O'Gorman ruled the board in his new NA!
7/27/2008 - MATG XII
Lots of fun by all...we had good weather for the most part...and best of all...lots of curves!
7/13/2008 - M&M Drive
WOW...what a turnout! 23 cars total! I sincerely appreciate the first and second timers that made it out to join us today and see what it is all about! For those who did not go...KY Rt 915 and Rt 10 both had been resurfaced! Very nice!
6/29/2008 - Vintage Grand Prix at Mid Ohio
6/22/2008 - OH Miata II
We had 15 cars from 3 states. The roads and weather were great! The Ohio Dragon had no traffic and was very challenging...Great roads and no traffic! What a trip! We will do OH Miata III next year the weekend after fathers day!

6/21/2008 - Elk Creek Winery Drive
The pictures speak for themselves. Great route courtesy of Joe O'Gorman!!
6/19/2008 - Meeting @ Tim & Bobbi Ross's
Thank you to our wonderful hosts for a great evening of fun and food!
6/8/2008 - Concours d' Elegance
A huge thanks to Tom Arnold for puting on another good show. Hopefully next year we can put some Zoom Zoom into the show!
5/31/2008 - Drive-In Drive
Indaina Jones and some top down fun! What a night!
5/26/2008 - Blue Ash Parade
The weather held up and we had a wonderful day for a parade! Rose G, Dave Gasper, Ron & Chris Lutterbie and their flawless 95M (not that I am biased since my fist Miata was just like theirs!), and Vic & Shelia Matthews all enjoyed the smiles and throwing candy to the kids! Along the way John & Terri Haas & family was spotted..(Terri, I only threw John 1 tootsie roll!). Chris & Sarah Reiff joined us at Sonic afterwards for a bite to eat. Thanks to all for participating!
5/25/2008 - Holy Cow Batman!
The Batmobile was present at QS&L last night. Notice Robin's seat! LOL
5/24/2008 - Auto X
The bogarts ruled the day! Ken was the fastest Miata, only a half second off a Porsche!, and first time autocrosser Nick wast most improved. Your next chance will be June 22nd to sharpen your skills!
5/18/2008 - QS&L Cruise In
We braved the chill and had a great time at the show. New member Hugh Patterson showed off his wonderful 2008 True Red PRHT...what a looker! Dave, Andy, Rose, Hugh and myself all enjoyed some good food and classic cars. Remember this show is going on all summer every Sunday night!
5/17/2008 - Spring Clean 2
A clean Miata is a Happy Miata!
4/27/2008 - Live Strong Rally
We had a great turnout for the rally! We had representatives from the Miata Club, Mini Club, Roving Roadsters and even a Ferrari! Don Johnson would had been envious!

Thanks to everyone who participated and donated to a great cause.
4/6/2008 - Impromptu Rabit Hash Miata/Motorcycle Rally
70 and sunny! What a day! We headed to Rabit Hash aka Sturgis for the day!
3/29/2008 - March Madness Drive
We all needed this one! What a long winter!
12/15/2007 - Annual Holiday Party
Almost as much fun as driving a Miata!!!!
10/14/2007 - Sauerkraut Festival Drive
Camera issues-not very many pictures : (
10/13/2007 - Girl's Drive
Jeffersonville Here We Come!!! Let the shopping begin : )
9/29/2007 - Dyno Day
Several of us visited R-Style for a dyno test on Saturday.
9/9/2007 - MMG Louisville Pictures
9/1/2007 - Pre MMG Detail Party
Beautiful day and many shiny Miatas!!!
8/12/2007 - Michael Szaz miscellaneous gallery
Photos from Vic and Kenss drives
8/11/2007 - Backroads to Waynesville Drive
A rainbow of Miatas-quite a site!!
8/3/2007 - Sonic Drive-In Night
Checkin' out the cars and chillin' with a Lime-ade....what could be better?
7/28/2007 - MATG XI
We dodged some rain drops and wiped the cars down many was had by all!

Here are some pics of the action!
7/21/2007 - Vic Nelson Drive to Freudenfest in Oldenburg, IN
What a great romp through Indiana!
6/25/2007 - 2007 MX-5 Summerfest
Lapping day at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL.
6/16/2007 - Drive-In
Always fun and nastolgic!
6/10/2007 - Concours d'Elegance
Best one yet!!!
6/8/2007 - The Root Beer Stand and Rusty Griswolds
What a fun night!
5/28/2007 - Miatas on Parade in Blue Ash
Thousands lined the streets and there were plenty of ooohs and aahhhs for our Miatas!!!
5/20/2007 - The May Gap Trip
A picture is worth a thousand words!! Great trip.
5/13/2007 - Mother's Day Autocross
A beautiful day and a whole host of Miatas!
5/12/2007 - Scrub and Grub
The Hasienda was the scene for much detailing, drinking and dining.
5/5/2007 - Cinco de Mayo Drive
The rain held off and we tackled some curves.
4/22/2007 - Emergency Burger Drive
First real drive of the season and "Boy" was it well attended.

Twenty Three cars.
4/7/2007 - Spring Fling Party
Jon was grilling and snowflakes were falling-go figure!! That didn't stop us from having a great time with old and new friends. Here are just a few of the folks who attended.

Thanks Jon Roberto for opening your home to all of us!!
3/25/2007 - Impromptu Drive
What fun-a gorgeous top down day in March, an old fashioned drive in with ice cold root beer and 11 Miatas. Does it get any better than this??? Yes it does. We had 5 first time drivers join us today-Matthew Volz, Sharon and Frank Cella, Mike Riegel, Al Cuzzone and "new" former member Dick Getoor with his beautiful new '07 with retractable hard top (sigh)

We left Jolly's Drive In and headed West along River Rd and found our way to Brookville, In. I'm not sure where all we went-I was just following all the cars in front of me : ) It was a well spent 3 hrs and I expect to see more of our first timers! Also along for the ride were Chad and Jasmina (the Miata Dog) Douglas,Paul and Carol Levasseur, Vic and Karen Nelson, myself and John Watson who organized and lead the drive. Bryan Wyatt joined us at the drive in but couldn't make the drive-something about wedding plans that needed attention???? : )


12/16/2006 - Christmas Party
Thanks to Frank and Karen Owens for a lovely party. It's December but there were Top Down Miatas in the driveway. We've determined that not only do we share a love of Miatas but we all seem to be into Desserts! : ) And there were some interesting "White Elephant" gifts!
12/3/2006 - GoKarting
A new Champion was crowned-young Tom O'Gorman had the fastest time of the day-25 seconds flat-beating both his Mom and Dad and everyone else!!!! John Haas' son Tom was third-must be the name?!? We had a blast and plan to do it again soon. Thanks to Jon Roberto for organizing this event.

11/11/2006 - Girl's Drive to Madison, In
We don't let rain stop us from shopping! We had a good time eating, browsing, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying each other's company.
Thanks to Ginny Oberle for organizing this trip.
10/21/2006 - Bardstown Overnight Trip
The trip to historic Bardstown covered about some beatiful roads in Kentucky. Bardstown is near the Markers Mark distillerly and we took a tour. Then off to the souvenier shop where we could dip our own bottles.

Many thanks to John and Teri Haas for a wonderful trip.
10/8/2006 - Rabbit Hash Run!
9/2/2006 - Poppadent Party
24 Miatas showed up for the ding removal party.
8/19/2006 - Covered Bridges Drive
We had an excellent turnout with 17 cars and the rain was no where to be seen. Several new members joined us for their first drive. My apologies to anyone whose photo I missed!
7/31/2006 - National Miata's at the GAP - 10th. Anniversary
This years rain fooled a lot of people into not showing up at the appointed time for the Photo at the Damn but that allowed us plenty of time for a terrific photo of Seven of the GCMC members.
7/28/2006 - July Gap Trip
Great trip-great driving, great company,mostly great weather!!
6/24/2006 - Mazda Summerfest
6/11/2006 - Concours d’Elegance @ Ault Park
We had an excellent turnout for the Concours despite the gloomy weather and threat of rain. Most of the die hards came in their Miatas, although we had a few members wimp out and bring their OTMs.

The rain held off, the cars were gorgeous and we enjoyed a nice relaxing day meandering up and down aisles of classic (and rare) cars.

Please let us know if any of the cars are mis-identified, or can fill in any information.
5/28/2006 - Sunday Autocross and Picnic
5/27/2006 - City BBQ Run
A great dinner drive setup by Tom and Linda Draper. The City BBQ in Centerville has excellent food. And it is next door to Graeters.
5/21/2006 - Gap 2006 trip
Photos from the May 19-21st trip to Deals Gap and the Dragon.
5/18/2006 - Club Meeting
4/30/2006 - Dual Muffler Install
Dual exhaust install goes smooth as silk when you have someone like Chad on your team. It seemed to take longer to cut the bumper than to install the exhaust; but when you have someone as "Precise" (Sometimes known as "Anal" later changed to "Focused", most recently changed to "Precise") as Mike Lukey doing the cutting you soon understand that old piece of advise: "Measure twice, cut once". Mike did and excellant job of "Bumper Preperation". See the results here.

4/22/2006 - Shine and Drive
4/2/2006 - Root Beer Drive (Cabin Fever Cure)
New member John Watson stepped up to the plate and put together the Impromptu drive for April, from now on known as: The Root Beer Drive.

John responded to Mike Lukey's request for some input for this months impromptu drive with such a good description that Mike just turned it over to John.

Here's a few photo's and as you can see, there was a terrific turnout for the drive. A total of fifteen cars joined the drive and things couldn't have turned out better. Tom Theiman and Larry Glaser both showed up with "New Rides". Tom's wearing a coat of "Copper Red" and Larry's sporting a new coat of "True Red". Both Tom and Larry were glad to share information as well as their personnal feelings about the new MX-5.
1/28/2006 - Impromtu January Drive
A beautiful day, a few calls and there you have it.
10/29/2005 - Jon Roberto's Haloween Party Pics!
Costume highlights from the club party.
9/10/2005 - MMG Photo's
Here's a few photo's that were taken digitally....I'll post the film photo's as soon as I get them.
8/21/2005 - Autocross Photos
8/14/2005 - Sundae Social Ice Cream Drive
Twenty Two Cars showed up for the afternoon drive through Indian Hill which ended at Aglamesis where we enjoyed home made ice cream.
7/30/2005 - Miatas at the Gap
A great turnout for the 9th annual Miatas at the Gap trip.
6/4/2005 - Top Replacement Party
We sucessfully installed the Robbins Sunfast Top on Julies car in about 5 hours. Of course we forgot to take pictures along the way, but here are a few from the after party.
5/29/2005 - Autocross Photos
Here is a selection of pics from the Sunday May 29th autocross.
5/21/2005 - Deals Gap / Tail of the Dragon trip photos
Here is collection of photos from the clubs trip to Deals Gap and Tail of the Dragon. Courtesy of Greg Bodenburg.
5/7/2005 - Chicory to Chablis Winery Drive
4/17/2005 - M&M Drive Photos
The Miata & Minis drive was a big success with about 20 Miatas and 10 Minis. The weather was perfect for our drive to Maysville KY to visit the Washington Chocolate Festival. (Chocolate in name only!)
4/10/2005 - Healy Club AutoX - Drivers Training
4/4/2005 - Cincinnati Reds Opening Day 2005 Parade
Here's photos from this years 2005 parade. A total of 14 cars participated.
3/12/2005 - Indy trip
The Greater Cincinnati Miata Club joined the Indy club to visit the Indianapolis Speedway for a museum and track tour.

Unfortunatly, the track portion of the tour was closed because they were re-installing the "Brick" finish line.

However, the trip gave us a chance to visit with our fellow Miata (MX-5) lovers.

Lunch at the Union Jack itself, was worth the trip. Very special attention is paid to the food at this establishment. If anyone left hungry, it was their own fault.
3/5/2005 - Woodland Mound Park - Steamboat Bend
Here's a few photo's for the MMG's new Venue.
3/5/2005 - Bardstown Photo's
Bardstown area photo's
2/27/2005 - Go-Kart Racing
Photos from 2/27/05 visit to Competition Racing.